Lists, we check lists!

Lists. We check lists...We are busy and coming down to the wire with Christmas around the corner! We are still very busy with lists – lists of clients, toys, donors, donations…

We have four final days of client PICK UPs ahead of us.The mail is heavier with donations – thank goodness! We are already planning the warehouse wrap up – what was ahead of us is increasingly behind us now!

The snowy weather has brightened the spirits of many around the neighborhood. It is fun to see the bright sparkling colors in the dark. Happily, the days will begin to be longer once again very soon!

The weekend ahead…

Our hearts are with all those – children, school staff, families – affected by the tragic events in Newtown, Connecticut. Hug your child, hug your parent, hug a loved one…

Thank you notes are always a treat!

Thank you notes are always a treat! Here are a couple of sweet notes that we have received:

To all that helped –

Thank you. My son is going to love his gifts. It makes me feel good to know rhat his face will be lit up by a helping hand.

It is hard when you are unable to provide everything for your child – even the little things such as a gift at Christmas. This is an amazing program and very much appreciated. May your holiday be wonderful and you get all that you want.

God Bless.

Happy holidays.

A grateful mom


Dear Sirs,

Please accept this donation of $140 from the Fairpoint Construction office in Portland.

Thank you for helping to make this world a better place to live.

Best Regards, Fairpoint Construction Office







Thank you donors! Donations YTD: $19,540



Our donors so far… Thank you everyone!

Thanks to everyone who donated in memory of Pauline A. Melanson:

Tom and Carol Ward $50

Robert W. Boyd Amvets Post #2 $50

Paul G White Interior Solutions $100

Bonnie and Daniel Mazerolle $50

George J Mitchell School $30

Jen Allen, Wendy Baker, Debbie Cook $75

Walda Fitton $20

KVCS Waterville Public Schools in memory of Pauline Melanson $25

Nancy Getchell in loving memory of Aunt Pearl $50


 Donors Year to Date:

Warren Roos Photography $100

Judy and Joe Calise $25

Teresa Foster $70

Richard Foss $100

Ripon Haskell $50

William Pond $250

PortlandLongshoreman’s Benevolent Society 861 $250

Elizabeth and Gerard Nulton in memory of Peter Duda and S.E. Nulton $300

FalmouthLions Club $200

Wayne Wilson – Merry Christmas! $5000

Daisy Who Loves to Play Ball $100

In memory of Irvin Cyr – Carmen and Meghan Bailey $10

Beacon Club $85

P.L. Associates LLC $1,250

Karl and Beth Jacobsen $500

In memory of Alexander J. Frustaci: Mike & Kathy $100

For Ruth – David Abbiati $50

Merry Christmas from the Peaks Café Crew! $50

In memory of James Jennings Brown – Ann Brown $50

In memory of our parents $400

In loving memory of Patricia M Talbot – Dick and Cheryl Talbot $25

Happy Holidays! Fred Bopp $100

Elizabeth Weir $25

A memorial to my late wife, Susan Donnell Konkell – Harry Konkell $500

In memory of John Ganem – Theresa Ganem $25

In loving memory of Anita & Edward Ventura & Barbara Pepper – Annie and Dale Pepper $10

Nola J. Chaisson $25

Dale and Priscilla $50

Merry Christmas! Gracie + Dick $30

Ivy Rebekah Lodge 5 $25

Carol Grundstrom $100

In honor of Brandon and Conner, love, Grandma $50

John Bennett and Abigail Snyder $100

In memory of Nana and Bubba Shattuck, your loving family $365

Garth and Pam Duff $50

Nancy Greska $50

In loving memory of our son, Lindy Coughlin by Norma and Dick Coughlin $100

Merry Christmas – Artie + Edna $25

In memory of Dr. Harold Jones – Winnifred Jones $50

From Joan and Arthur Cope $25

In loving memory of Ralph & Hazel Moore, Elizabeth McKague, & Roland Hughes -Donna Tracy $20

2012 Donation to your great project – John and Beverly Daley $35

Arnold and Karen Harmon $50

Charlotte Tibbetts $20

In memory of Lorena & John Knight, Marie Gayle, & “Red”Crapser $30

Phyllis Bishop $10

Barbara A. Henckel $300

Women of the MoosePortlandChapter #1971 $75

In memory of Dr. Ellsworth Reed $200

In memory of Bruce Day $100

In memory of David Barter, Mary Shapazian & Margarat Shapazian $25

Children should be happy at Christmas – Frank and Nancy Fowles $50

Brendan and Super P $30

Gaston Lee $25

In memory of Red and Dot Swett $100

Merry Christmas from KAK $30

In loving memory of Rose Darling, Adeline Bailey, and Ralph Steed $75

The Foss Company $100

Simmons Wilkes Investment Adivsors & Hightower Advisors LLC ofPortland,Maine$500

In loving memory of Alice Davis from Debbie & Mick $50

Hope to make some child happy $25

In loving memory of Mark Buotte – Mom, Bruce, and Kathy $50

Barbara Baisley $20

Merry Christmas – Phil and Diane $100

Austine M. O’Connor $30

A joyous Christmas to all – Nicholas & Andrew Varipatis $25

Corner Stone Chapter #193 O.E.S. $100

Speedy Stop, Inc $1000

In memory of deceased family members – Carol Poirier $25

Dan and Sara Boxer $500

In memory of Raymond and Pauline Melanson – Claudette Obrien $25

In memory of Robert P. and Carolyn B. Snider – Robert Snyder $100

Anonymous $100

Let’s all share our toys! $50

In memory of Marietta Andrews – John Andrews $100

To a child where a toy brings a smile! Gordon Ellis $100

In memory of John Porter Sr. – Wife Reta, + Grampa’s boys + Papa’s girls. $25

Paul B. Cronin $300

Merry Christmas from the B’s $150

Patricia Messner $30

Anonymous $25

In loving memory of Richard Halpin, Rosemary Halpin, and Evelyn O’Connor $200

Catherine A. Nodine $100

Christine and Willie Johnson $100

Anonymous $25

In loving memory of Jason Abraham Yates $25

In memory of Maurice Mc Carthy $25

Kenneth Gordon $100

In the name of Ann Lowry $200

In loving memory of Danny P. who loved Christmas – K $10

Merry Christmas! David Larsen $100

To all the children – Eileen and Wally $50

In the name of Jamie and Christina Dube $100

In memory of our nephew Tony Richards – Dennis & Judy Leeman $100

Joy to the world $100

Carroll Tiernan $50

The Jamieson Family – Merry Christmas! $100

From Pop $35

Jeanne F. Kinney $100

Anita Haskell $50

Richard and Evelyn Leriche $200

In memory of Kathy Lowell, Tommy Straub, Jim Straub, Andy Lowell, Kay Straub, and Philip Lowell $60

Ridgeland Estates,South PortlandME$50

Brian Berry $50

Teresa Foster and Matching gifts from Cigna $40

Thomas Coffey $20

In lieu of Christmas cards – Janice Rogers $30

Unity Lodge #3, of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows $500

Ripon Haskell $50

Joan Liefzer + Kenneth Spirer $100

Merry Christmas to all! Robert & RebekahDavis$50

Patrick McLaughlin $100

In memory of Isabelle Whitney Caldwell $150

In memory of Edwin Walker, miss you very much – wife Jeanette $20

In honor of Barbara, Brenda, Erin, John, Nancy, Sam, & Tommy at Long Island Town Hall $100

In memory of Josie $75

In memory of Karen J. Billett $100


Dayle Moreau $50



YTD: $19,540

Enjoy your weekend!

  • Sparkle Weekend in Freeport – parade at 6pm.
  • First Friday in Portland – excitement at the Portland Museum of Art.
  • Holiday excitement in Biddeford
  • Over the mountain and through the woods to Grandmother’s house we go…

Winter holiday fun activities are happening all through the state. Enjoy your weekend!