Holiday service project!


Group here from East Brown Cow – helping pack, run and greet. They’re off now to a holiday luncheon with co-workers.

Thank you, Tim, and crew!


Elf helping out…

We’ve been very busy with elves stepping in to help out. One was here and very busy checking out our toys. We have been busy sending toys home with parents so they can help surprise their children with the gifts during all of the winter holidays.

Hanukkah begins on Saturday, December 8. It is the traditional Festival of Lights. Dreidels, candles, Latkes and Menonorah are traditional symbols. It is celebrated for eight days and nights. There is a lot of family fun and excitement!

Winter Solstice is December 22nd. Christmas Eve is on December 24th and Christmas is on December 25. Boxing Day is on December 26, and Kwanzaa also begins on December 26.

Many celebrate the Twelve Days of Christmas that ends with Little Christmas on January 6.

New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day have special celebrations, too. Tons of ways to get together with lots of traditions and celebrations to come. Family time, family and friend fun!

Good day for all!

What a fabulous day! Happy families, happy volunteers! Phone calls and processing continue!

We are actually able to leave the office by 5! We do have some fabulous holiday sweaters to post! Coming soon…

Honestly, ditto!

Honestly, we are as tired as we were at the end of the day yesterday. More people were in to pick up their family gifts, volunteers were busy picking, packing and passing out the gifts. Things are steady all day, but smooth. The weather has cooperated, though this evening is chillier than it has been.

Another round tomorrow!

Who’s tired now?

All of ┬áthe group leaders have taken their packages away. Individuals arrived at a steady pace throughout the day. The space is great where our warehouse is – easy access, plenty of free parking – tickets used to be commonplace in Portland!

We are still busy processing applications for individuals, packing toys for the different age groups and answering phone calls. Volunteers have been very busy greeting, on the book and running. Day well done and we are all tired now!


We are ready!

Tomorrow, individuals will begin to pick up their gift packages! Excitement is in the air! Volunteers anticipate greeting parents with smiles and holiday sweaters – a favorite around here!

Everyone is counting down to all the winter holidays to come – fun, fun, fun!

The Northeast Transport Dream Team!

For many years, Jeff Payson of Northeast Transport has been sending down a tractor trailer to pick up packages to bring to group leaders in Lincoln and Knox counties. The big truck pulls in early in the morning and we load it up! This morning gifts for hundreds of children left the warehouse in the big blue sleigh!

Thank you Jeff, Scott and everyone else at Northeast Transport!

Surprises inside!

The last of the group pick ups will be early in the morning! These bags are full of fun to come! Lucky kids!

Our donors light things up!

Lights are beginning to glow all around the town. Here is the tree at LL BEAN in Freeport. Every hour on the hour, there is a light show – it is free family event!

We will be listing this year’s donors on our website very soon – keep an eye out!

Clickety-click, pickety-pack needs pickety-ups!!!

We are overwhelmed with the packed group bags! All will be gone by Friday afternoon!

A nice thing happens when you donate online – the receipt says that you’ve donated to ‘Bruce Roberts Santa Fun’ – so true!