The group pick up got seriously into gear when one leader came to pick up gifts for 93 families. She arrived with a caravan of little cars and a truck (which sounded hopeful) that turned out to be a little Ford Ranger. Miracles do happen here at Bruce Roberts Toy Fund –  all the packages found a space safely within the vehicles and found their way to York county. Group leaders are indeed a brave and hopeful bunch!

Next week, all of the groups will be picking up and moving hundreds of packages to locations closer to the families who will be surprising children during holidays in the coming weeks!

A weekend closer!

The weekend before Thanksgiving finds us with a warehouse full of packed bags for group leaders to pick up for the clients. We are headed out to tree lightings, school concerts, walking the dog and other seasonal activities with family and friends.

In the Maine Sunday Telegram there will be a Jobs Spotlight on our chief computer programmer and lots of information on getting in touch with us, checking out stories and more. The first of the week will find us with many phone calls, I’m sure!

Have a peaceful weekend!


Still getting applications, but donations starting…

Our desks, files, stands are overflowing with applications! We are very busy getting them into the computer program. Group applications processed at one desk, individuals applications at another. The third desk, handling both kinds.

Individual applications are flowing in before the deadline of December 5. Now that Thanksgiving is almost here, people are thinking of the holidays to come – Christmas, Hannukkah, Kwaansa, and more! Bright smiley children’s faces anticipating gifts and treats!

Donations are also just starting to come in. We are especially excited by the ultra easy donor platform on our website – look for the big green DONATE button!


Groups! Groups! Groups!

Groups! Groups! Groups! Busy, busy, busy! The group processing is continuing – leaders have sent in their clients’ applications and the processors are busy getting the information into the computer. Two groups have picked up their packages already so that families will be able to rest assured on Thanksgiving that this part of their holiday preparations are secure. Today, a group of volunteers are here packing a group of 93 families. The leaders will bring the bags to a distribution center close to where the clients live. Many people have issues with transportation. The group program is a big help.


Pickety-Pack and Clickety-Clack!

A number of volunteers have joined in to pack the new toys to fill the bins. Busy noise fills the air as volunteers chatter while moving boxes, sorting toys and packaging the gifts so that the Group leaders, who have busily sent in completed applications, can get ready to come to pick up their toys.

The Group process, here at Bruce Roberts, has leaders arrange client-friendly locations for Pick-up. Thousands of families with transportation difficulties are served this way. Although the deadline is early, the leaders and clients have come to recognize the importance of being able to pick up the gifts in their neighborhoods rather than have to drive the distance. It is another way that the Bruce Roberts Toy Fund aims to help the families involved!

In the office, we continue to clickety-clack away!


Here we go! Feet first into the season! Our first toy delivery arrived early this morning. A crew came in and organized the shipment. Group applications have been pouring in and individual applications have, as well! The quiet days in the office/warehouse are coming to a close.  We are almost ready to start serious packing. The hum of work is ramping up and we’re ready!

October 30, 2012

With everyone on the East coast and beyond busy with dealing with Hurricane, or now, Super Storm Sandy, it has been quiet while we work here at the warehouse. Our thoughts are with family and friends who are more in the path of the storm than we are.

Here, processing is underway so the click-click-click of the keypad is sometimes the only sound in the room. Lots of emails have gone out and we are ready for the toy delivery later this week. Mary has been busy working on the volunteer schedule so we can get some serious packing done for distributing next month.

We had our group leaders meeting and have talked to the many other leaders who were unable to attend the meeting. Hopefully, the biggest take away is that we really really need for them to fill out the Group Update form! Without a yearly update for each group, it is a problem when we try to contact people around potential issues or to schedule a pick up.  Our white board showing the total number of groups that we work we work with was a great visual aid and one that effectively made our point. With over seventy groups, it really does take a lot of time tracking each leader down no matter how efficiently we work at it.

The sky is cloudy and angry again, so I’m sure that some rain is on the way as the bands of Sandy work their way past.

Right now, back to click-click-click…