October 26, 2012 Week done!

A lot of things were accomplished this week – the warehouse is set up and ready for packers and the delivery of new toys. Volunteers have been in helping us with set up, cleaning and organizing. The warehouse was well cleaned so there is much less sneezing going on! Volunteers are being scheduled for the coming weeks. Group Leaders are ready to gather applications and get them into the processors. Businesses are donating sustenance for busy volunteers. It has been a fun and productive week and now we all feel ready for the seasonal onslaught!

October 23, 2012 Volunteers on board

Our volunteers are serious about helping to support a family at a time by providing the relief that is having toys and gifts ready for the children on holiday mornings. There were several volunteers at the warehouse today – helping to clean up, washing windows and getting bins organized. http://t.co/1NyGz7gP Lots of work was accomplished as we ramp up for the seasonal rush. The calendar is moving along fast! From all the help we have, we will once again be ready!

October 22, 2012 A day in the life (of the IT chick..er..elf)

IT deskMy day involves a lot of site edits, writing custom CSS and sometimes even PHP to get everything on here working right. Much of it is just re-editing things that have been edited, and tweaking things and adding colors.

Still, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as code working perfectly after spending an hour trying to get everything just right – which makes irritating sessions of computer staring worth it. Enjoy the pretties and be nice to your IT friends!


Friday, October 19

Today, the warehouse space is still busy with “background” noise! 

Lots of phone calls are coming in from Group Leaders with questions about the logistics of getting applications to clients, picking up toys and more!

Mark is getting the warehouse set up and ready for the volunteers to get busy, the new toy delivery and packing.

The emails have been humming and www.brucerobertstoyfund.org has gone live for easy linkage to client applications, volunteer forms, online donations, facebook and twitter links and more.

Missing today? Mabel – she’s resting at home today!


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bruce Roberts Toy Fund required running around and phone calls today, even Mabel was spinning – and not just after her tail!

Our website has also been upgraded to include the www.brucerobertstoyfund.org link along with the www.brucerobertstoyfund.com. Either will get you to the website and all the links there. Check it out!

Remind your friends that Bruce Roberts Toy Fund is ready to accept applications from clients, as well as, donations of cash. We would love to hear about any Bruce Roberts Toy Fund fundraisers that you may be planning. Post them on Facebook or send them in an email!

More warehousing!

The Bruce Roberts Toy Fund warehouse is moving along – sorting, sorting, sorting! The bins are standing and waiting for the toys. We’re having volunteers visit next week to help us out and the Group Leaders will be in to see the space and get some questions answered. Mabel, warehouse dog, is busy working (not!) She checks out the space occasionally to watch the progress, but spends much of her time resting.


We have been busy! At the computers in digital land and getting set up goodies delivered (logistics!). Great help from Ryder, Northeast Transport and volunteers Chris and Gage. Mark is back from down south and in action! Busy, busy prep for the onslaught of more applications, volunteer packers and more! Keep posted for updates!warehouse - it has been delivered to Freeport


Portland Press Herald Toy Fund in the spirit of Bruce Roberts, was established in 1949, through the efforts of Maine reporter, Robert Beith, of the Portland Evening Express and Matthew Barron, then the Portland Welfare Director. Since then, the toy fund has been helping families in need to provide gifts for their children for the holidays. The fund is supported by readers of The Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram and MaineToday Media websites, whose donations are used to buy gifts for thousands of kids annually.
The Toy Fund provides new, age- appropriate toys and gifts annually to children in the counties of York, Cumberland, Sagadahoc, Lincoln, and Knox.